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Blogchatter Book Review: The Essence of Motherhood by Radhika Jindal

Motherhood is “messy and beautiful” says the author Radhika Jindal in her new book. I completely agree. It’s scary for modern urban women who have lived in a relatively gender-neutral environment compared to their mothers and aunts. That’s because the whole experience is so exclusively female even today. Picked up this book from Blogchatter Ebook carnival  to read about the first hand experience and earnings of a new-age mother.

About the author

Radhika Jindal is a blogger and a mother of 2 years old. In her own words, she is the CEO of her home. Apart from this, she is a blogger and shares articles about books, relationships, motherhood, parenting, and self-care, etc. on her blog. In this short ebook , she says, she has written everything straight from the heart in terms to help the new mothers. 

About the book

Here’s what the author has to say about her book.

Are you a first-time expecting mother?
Are you scared of pregnancy?
Are you looking for some guidance on parenting? Then, this is the book for you that is going to act as advice from a mother to another mother.

This book has book recommendations for new mothers, a hospital bag checklist, personal stories of the author in her pregnancy and important discussions on post partum depression, parenting style and pre-natal care.

Category: Parenting

Number of Pages: 48

Images/ Illustrations inside: No

Format: Ebook (PDF)

What I liked

I found the book quite useful for pregnant women and women who are planning a family. The chapters on pre-natal and post natal care are very important. The author is not a doctor and it’s a good thing that she is not trying to don a doctor’s cap here and give medical advice.

What she talks about is her own experience and the thins that she has learnt. Which is where the book-recommendations come in handy. So for expert advice you can refer to those books. While this book will give you the peer support you need.

Even men should read this book because it’s important for men to appreciate the journey a woman goes through during and after pregnancy. Some of the chapters I really loved are the ones of “garbh sanskars”, “post partum depression”, ” i love you mom” and “reliving childhood memories”. The hospital bag checklist is also very useful and a worthy printable.

The book is indeed written from the heart. That’s why it connected so well with me. It’s such a refreshing read.

What could be better

One can say the book doesn’t go in-depth on any of the topics and therefore does not add any value. Well, I have appreciated the fact that the author does not act like an expert in fields which are highly academic in nature. Be it genecology, or psychology or yoga etc. But maybe a few interviews with experts would enrich the book’s content.

I would love to see more personal anecdotes in the book about mothering infants. And the role of the father and rest of the family in it.


The book is perfect for the target audience that the author has already described in the blurb. I will recommend it for all to-be moms.

Rating: 3.5/5

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  1. Brinda Vijay June 28, 2021

    Your reviews are always so detailed. I like the way you write them. Even in this book, you have given names of interesting topics/chapters.

    1. Sinjana Ghosh July 1, 2021

      Thank you so much. Glad to know you liked it.

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