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Things I did in times of no travel (spoiler – I wrote a book)

Yes, you heard it right. Locked-down at home during the difficult times, this travel blogger made her journey from a blogger to author, through Blogchatter. I published a short 62-page e-book titled “Postcards from India”. It’s not a collection of travel guides or a journal of my expeditions across India. I already have many such content in my blog. For my first travel book on India, I wondered, what if the remote places of the country themselves write letters to us? With that premise, I started penning down my thoughts which then materialized in the form of this e-book. Well, that’s the long-story-short, which you will find in all my book-promos. Let me tell you a little more about my journey from a blogger to an author – the longer version.

Ebook Launch PosterDownload for Free “Postcards from India” – No Signup needed

I have been travelling extensively in South India ever since I settled in Bangalore for job. With our stressful full-time job, it’s hard to take long leaves. Besides, when we do so, our families back home in Kolkata expect us to visit home. I’m not complaining about expectations. We love going home and living with our parents. Not because we are so responsible children. Rather it’s because when we go home, we get to back to our irresponsible childhood.  The truth is, the moment we go home, we stop being adults. Lazying away till late night, waking up after 10 am to a cup of morning tea, followed by breakfast, lunch, TV and talks. No worries about who will do grocery, when will the house-help come, when to cook , what to cook , household chores etc.

Sorry for digressing from the topic of our India travels. I have travelled extensively in peninsular India with my husband especially over the last two years. Recently this year  I made time for a trip to Sikkim too. But since then, we all know what happened. A mysterious disease engulfed the world and changed the way we ever thought of life. All of a sudden I don’t crib about not having the time for international travel any more. In fact I feel blessed for all the road-trips we did over weekends. I feel blessed that at least I am at home writing this article, telling you about my book, while so many are on the road, stripped off their basic income-source due to lockdown. As a travel blogger these were odd times. No one was searching for itineraries and travel guides any more. For a blogger with hardly any social following, the organic traffic plummeted. There was little motivation to write travel articles that no one was searching for. 

But travel has to open up sooner or later for people working in the industry to get back on their feet. This is what inspired me to write a series titled – Postcards from India. Every day over the month of April one remote place in India wrote a letter to travelers stuck home during lockdown. Well, I wrote those letters, imagining myself as one of those places. Do you collect picture-postcards when you travel somewhere? Now that we were unable to leave our home, those picture-postcards had to travel to us. So my blog became a busy postbox, which kept receiving picture-postcards from different parts of India. I was fortunate to be read by several published authors and amazing writers who suggested that this could be a great material for an ebook. So I selected some of my favorite postcards, wrote a few more from places covering my bucket-list destinations across India and wrote my book. The Blogchatter Ebook Carnival was an apt platform to do it. With the help of three amazing mentors- Sonia, Amrita and Richa Mukherjee, I was able to turn my dream of becoming an author into reality. Yes, I managed to write and publish a book. As of time of writing the post, the book is 5 days old, and have made its way to the digital library of 118 readers. I know it’s not amazing or awe-inspiring, but I am happy to think that someone is reading my book. If you would like to know more about offbeat places in India in an unconventional way, please download it for free while the stock lasts. Here’s the download link for you again.

Direct Download – No signup required

Watch the teaser of the book on my Youtube channel. If you liked the post please share it and help spread the word about my ebook. Meanwhile here are a few more lockdown resources I checked out at home and would strongly recommend.

Update: I have got some glowing reviews of my book already. Check out excerpts from their full reviews in the picture below. You can message me for the links to their complete reviews on their book blogs. If you have read the book already, I’d request you to kindly leave a short feedback on Goodreads. Will be very helpful for me to take the book forward to bigger platforms.


Ebook Reviews

  • Amazon Prime – They have come up with some fresh and amazing originals in India. Panchayat and Pataal Lok has been my favorite web series of all times, across all platforms.
  • Try Amazon Audible – the audiobook free-trial is a great catch. Relax your eyes, and transcend into the world of your novel through an audiobook.
  • Read e-books on Kindle. Don’t have it yet? Order a Kindle online – it’s one of my best purchases ever. 
  • Check out the huge repertoire of online courses on Udemy. Being from the technology industry, I have recently registered for a Python course for data analysts.
  • I also made a slightly extravagant purchase for Chayan’s birthday (which was on 27th May by the way). It’s a 61-key musical keyboard by Yamaha which we are struggling to learn together. Thanks to my training in music in childhood (a compulsory thing for Bengalis in Kolkata), I am finding it relatively easy to pick up the new skill. You may find me displaying my amateur learning sessions on Instagram stories soon.


  1. Nadia May 30, 2020

    Congratulations! What an exciting accomplishment! The photos from your ‘Postcards from India” are absolutely stunning!

    1. Sinjana Ghosh May 30, 2020

      Thank you so much. I look forward to your honest feedback after reading the book.

  2. Jitendra Mathur May 31, 2020

    Hearty congratulations Sinjana Ji. I can feel your inner happiness emerging out of this feat.

    1. Sinjana Ghosh June 1, 2020

      Thank you so much!

  3. Santwona Patnaik June 11, 2020

    Downloaded and just finished reading your book. You have given your sweat, blood and heart to the book, I can sense that. Beautifully written and lovely pictures. Marked few of them for my travel list (whenever that happens next).

    Hope you get to explore more of your creativity and sail through these difficult times. Stay safe!

    1. Sinjana Ghosh June 12, 2020

      Thank you so much Santwona! you made my day!

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