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Meet the tiny team, well basically that's all me now with my regular travel companions.

I am Sinjana, the creator, and manager of the blog. I am a full-time data analyst by profession and a blogger by passion. A travel enthusiast whose escapades are mostly limited to weekend getaways and road trips to and from office in Bangalore traffic 😒. I won't whine about my full-time job as it is the best workplace one can expect and it earns me my living. That's why planning is crucial for satisfy my itchy feet and make the most out of the travel plans we manage to squeeze into our schedule. Unlike many, I love planning, traveling and accounting for my travels, hence the blog. Well, all that and my love for writing and story-telling (yes, you may find that in my style of writing). I tried but I just cannot write cliche stuff like "this is the city, these are the places, this is what you will find here, the end". Although that is great for planning, you'd get that all over the internet in giant travel sites like TripAdvisor. So, why my site then? 
I'd say my USP is detailed, honest reviews and travel tips which I use for my budget travels and some of which I learn from my experience, and along with that, some delightful stories. As a child neither I nor my parents had the chance to travel a lot given resource constraints. I saw how the two-page long travel editorial on newspapers would be the source of wanderlust for my parents, they would read stories of places around the world and talk about it gleefully. These travelogues were not mere information overload, but also about the history and culture of a place and the personal story which made readers feel like they are taking the journey with them. I am a fellow data scientist with no degree in creative writing, but those brilliant writers are my inspiration. I want this blog to be an inspiration for all those hard-working people like my parents to steal some time from their daily lives to explore the world. For those who may not get a chance to visit the places I've been to I wish that they can take a virtual trip with me on my journey 👻
Well, I can't ever explore all the places I want to check out, all the experiences I want to try, none of us can, but I just want you to get on the road and do a bit of exploring, and then, if you feel like, come back and share your experiences with me. Write to me at backpacknxplore@gmail.com

Enough about me and my blogging aspirations. Here meet my partners in crime, the team behind backpacknxplore
Chayan - the Dude who knows his ride

Meet Chayan, the husband, a superman driver and the one who focuses only on the exciting parts of travel - he drives, he clicks pictures of the places and always asks "where to this weekend"? Having said that we have to credit him for our epic trip to Europe which he planned wonderfully for the most part. When he is not traveling he is watching football - the real English football. An ardent supporter of Liverpool is one of his identity, but that doesn't mean he would confine himself to watching only Liverpool matches. Thanks to him football matches of remote unknown clubs in Europe get at least 1 extra TRP to claim 😀 He too has a full-time job as a supply chain professional, currently at Flipkart.

Sananda  - The champ

Meet Sananda, the free-spirit soul who travels not to escape life, but so that life doesn't escape her. Sounds a bit too "quotational"? Well, all those quotes fit perfectly into her character. She is my younger sister and my partner in crime for life. Her love for trekking started with a hike to Antargange with the Bangalore Mountaineering Club ( a club partly responsible for my wanderlust too). Since then, trekking addiction continued to grow, taking her to the paths off-the-beaten-track She shocked the typical Bengali middle-class family when she booked her solo trip to Kasol this year. We were worried and protective, but the girl knows to take care of herself and she went, she saw and she inspired us all with her travel stories. Goes by the handle @free-spirit-me on Instagram, Sananda has been too free for too long till she met her soulmate and is looking forward to taking the leap next year. 

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