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Perfect Festive gift for travel lovers with Photojaanic

As a travel-addict couple, we love to capture our moments with the world as much as we can. While our social media pages are filled with these memories that we capture, our home was somewhat empty. I always wanted to take printouts of some select photos and frame them, but never got beyond putting the best photos in a computer folder. Last time I framed a few pictures, it took me at least 6 hours spread over a whole week to select the right frame, get a printout, cut them out, paste them in another sheet of paper so as to fit it in the frame! That’s the very reason I never tried that again, not until a few days ago when I came to know about Photojaanic. The entire process took me less than 10 minutes, sitting on my couch to order a matt finish framed picture.  What’s more, the frame got delivered in 3 days! So here is a detailed review of the product and the website for you to try out.
Photo Frame Photojaanic - Review by Backpack & Explore
Memories from our first Euro-trip!


Ordering through the Photojaanic App

The order can be placed on the Photojaanic website if you use your laptop or tablet, or if you prefer to do it on mobile, use the app. The Photojaanic app can be easily downloaded on the play store through this link. I must say this is one of the best user interfaces for an e-commerce app I have seen. Once you have downloaded it, the workflow is simple and self-explanatory:
-> Get started
-> Choose from a wide range of customizable photo products
-> Go to Home Decor to select a photo frame
-> Upload a good quality photo
-> Preview and readjust your photo as you need
-> Place the order
-> Give your address and payment details

-> Make the payment

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How to customize products and order through Photojaanic App


That’s it. My order was confirmed in a minute and I got a detailed invoice. The very next day I got the tracking code, and within 3 days it was delivered at my doorstep.
My experience with the app was perfect, and as I mentioned before, it cannot take any more than 10 minutes. Well, 5 minutes, I would say if you know the following:
1. The pictures must be of high quality, meaning, bigger than 1444px X 1444px. So make sure you have that on your phone before you begin.
2. There are many coupon codes available for discounts on your next purchase, so take a few seconds to browse through it before you get started.

Why I would still recommend the website?


Although I had a great experience of placing the order through the app, I found that the website has way more options. For example,  on the website, you can select a size of the photo-frame among three options – 8X8, 10X10 and 12X12. But in the app, only the last option is available. I also found a cool offer on the desktop which was not there on the app.


Framed Photo from Photojaanic
Buy 2 Get 25% off- didnt find it in the app


Options, not only size but, you also get five design options on the website – Classic, Collage, Family, Full Image, Harmony and Love. On the mobile app, you just have 2 options – Classic and Full Image
Framed photo from photojaanic
Framed photo options
I wanted the largest size anyway, so I had nothing to lose but I do hope that they bring in all the available customization options in the app experience too.
I also found out that the website has many more product options than the app. You have table-top mount, premium albums under the photo book category. Given that the app is so well-designed and easy to use, it will be a pity if the app users miss out on such options. But now that they don’t, if you really want to explore your options, go for their website.

Wall Mount Photo Frame Review

The product arrived with protective bubble-wrapping all over it, placed inside a solid cardboard box. I give it 5/5 on the packaging. It is very light but sturdy. You can easily pack it in your suitcase if you are taking it home as a gift. What I loved most was the water-proof silk-finish of the picture. It’s very rare to come across one and it looks amazing. Because of the matt texture, you can practically hang it anywhere on the wall without the need to consider the direction of light. I selected a very special picture from our Europe trip amidst the colorful tulip fields of Keukenhof in the Netherlands. This was the only photo of us together in Europe taken in non-selfie mode. I love the picture and have used it as our featured image in many external publications as well. I was worried that the brilliant colors would not come so well when printed but I was pleasantly surprised. As you can check out in the pictures below the photo frame that arrived looks identical to what I saw in the preview if not better.
Photojaanic Photo Frame Review - Backpack & Explore
Do you like how we decorated our wall for Diwali?
What I loved most about Photojaanic
    • The user experience of the app. How often do you come across an app which is almost glitch free? For a new app, this was surprising and refreshing for me


    • The order tracking and speedy delivery


    • The quality of the photo in the photo frame



What I did not like so much


    • Limited options for customization – This is the main pain-point which I hope they resolve quickly. As of now, you can only order square frames. You can crop and adjust the image in any shape and size, but the frame will still be square. I would love to have them come up with options of rectangular frames as well which can be mounted horizontally or vertically.


  • Frame design and color. This again comes under the same bucket of limited customization. I totally love the textured black frame for my photo, but I think that people may like some variations in color like a brown or a coffee frame.

My Verdict on Photojaanic

Photojaanic is just the perfect app for customized photo products. There are many amazing options that you can find on this website which includes simple prints priced between just Rs.5 – Rs.10, photo books starting at just Rs. 399, customizable photo calendars starting at just Rs.129, cards, stationery, so on and so forth. With my sister’s wedding coming up, the premium photobook is certainly on my immediate wish list.  Check out other amazing products on Photojaanic.com for the perfect Christmas gift.

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Framed photo product review for Photojaanic. Perfect gift for travel lovers this Christmas!


I received this sample to provide an unbiased product review of the same. All opinions are mine.




Sinjana Ghosh

Sinjana Ghosh is a full-time business professional with a penchant for writing and travel planning. Backpack & Explore is a journal of her travel stories and tips she collected from her experience. She is the author of the travel book “Postcards from India” which is available on Amazon, Flipkart and Notionpress.com

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  1. lsarao November 11, 2018

    With all the digital media options these days, I agree that nothing is better than a real live printed photo to commemorate your memories from a trip or event. This is a fantastic gift idea. I'm glad to know about this app!

  2. Kristina Manente November 12, 2018

    I've only recently started framing a lot of my travel photos. It's hard to find good sites that aren't a rip off. So I'm glad you brought my attention to Photojaanic. Gorgeous pics you got framed as well!

  3. Sarah Wilson November 12, 2018

    What a great idea! I miss the old days using photo albums and photo frames. I know I should just check the site, but is this worldwide? Or just India? Hopefully worldwide as I know what to do for xmas now.

  4. Daniel Kiteski November 12, 2018

    I might be old school but I always prefer a printed photo rather than a digital version. With all the digital media today, seems like people are starting to appreciate printed versions more and I like that. Seems like a great gift idea for someone like me! Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Lisa November 12, 2018

    I've never heard of this app before, but I agree it makes a fun gift, especially with Christmas on the way. I appreciate your honest review too; it makes a big difference to help me decide. Will be looking to see if they have it in Italy.

  6. Yukti November 12, 2018

    Thanks for sharing your honest reviews on customized photo frames by Photojaanic. I really love hard copies of my travel photos and want to order such type of frames to revive my memorable travel moments. It is great that this new app offers speedy delivery and within 3 days you get your customized product. I think in future they will increase the size of frame and add more colors to frame.

  7. Sinjana .Ghosh November 12, 2018

    I think they currently have operations in india and signapore only. But you may like to check their site once to confirm

  8. Navita November 15, 2018

    Photojaanic app is totally new for me. Seems like a very convenient app with a wide range and delivery also looks smooth. With us being on road most of the time, we rely on apps for sending gifts to our loved ones and am happy to discover something new. Would definitely check it out.

  9. OnlineIndiaHost.com November 18, 2018

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. Anson Stanley Cardoza May 19, 2020

    The Photo frame looks fantastic on the wall!
    What an amazing photo memory stored by the couple.
    Also, the steps to place the order are mentioned too


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