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Romantic Places to Visit in Kashmir for Honeymoon

Popularly known as Heaven on Earth, Kashmir is one of India’s most majestic and beautiful states. The Snow-capped mountains, gleaming rivers, rocky terrains, and luscious gardens and valleys offer mesmerizing views that fill the atmosphere with Romance. Kashmir is among the most popular places in India for newlywed couples to spend quality time at a tranquil location.

Kashmir is also widely famous for its floating markets and innumerous Gardens that grow organic peaches and apples. Surrounded by lakes and rivers across the state, couples can enjoy a romantic Shikara ride at the famous Nigeen and Dal Lake.

Trekking and skiing are popular tourist activities in Kashmir. Couples can explore various trekking paths that offer splendid views of surrounding valleys. Kashmir Honeymoon Package allows couples to explore some of the most romantic places in Kashmir and bond in the magnificent nature of the state.

Most Romantic Places to Visit in Kashmir


Known as the Land of Lakes and Gardens, Srinagar is one of the most attractive and romantic places in Kashmir. Also commonly famous as the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar is widely famous for its Mughal Gardens and its floating markets on the Dal Lake. Srinagar is an ideal place for newlywed couples to spend a romantic time in any of the famous gardens of Srinagar.

Some of the famous Gardens in Srinagar include Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Garden, Chashme Shahi Garden, and the spectacular Tulip garden. The Tulip Gardens are considered Asia’sLargest garden with over 40 different and distinct species of Tulip.

Kashmir Honeymoon Package gives tourists a tour of some of the famous Palaces and Restaurants in Srinagar. Couples can visit the famous Hari Parbat Fort or spend time in the Shikara and enjoy a romantic evening on the Dal Lake.


Situated on the banks of the Chenab River, Akhnoor is a popular tourist destination among couples on their honeymoon. Akhnoor is described as the historic hub of Jammu and Kashmir and gives visitors a tour of the famous caves and parks in the city. Many tourists visit Akhnoor to click splendid pictures of the caves and surrounding gardens by the Chenab River.
The caves have a historical resemblance to their existence. It is believed that the Pandavas stayed in these caves during their time of exile. The beautiful park of Akhnoor near the Chenab River Bank is among the most popular places for couples to enjoy a romantic time by the River.

Akhnoor is also popularly located near the famous Parashurama temple in Kashmir, which is famous for Parshuram Jayanti Festival celebrated by the locals. Couples can enjoy the scenic beauty of the Chenab River and the surrounding greenery of Akhnoor.


Jammu district of Jammu and Kashmir is known to be the Winter Capital of the State. Referred to as the City of Temples, Jammu is known to have some of the most popular and religious temples in Jammu and Kashmir. All the famous temples and palaces are located near the foothills of the Himalayan range in Jammu.

Couples on their honeymoon can enjoy a splendid time understanding the rich culture of Jammu and Kashmir by visiting famous palaces and temples in Jammu. Some of the most famous temple complexes include the Raghunath temple, Ranbireshwar temple, Peer Kho Cave temple, Mahamaya temple, and many more.

The Kashmir Honeymoon Package offers couples an exclusive tour of the secluded Surinsar temple to enjoy some private romantic time. Tourists can try the famous local cuisine of Jammu known as Dogra in any of the famous restaurants in the city.


Patnitop is a popular tourist destination in Jammu and Kashmir and offers scenic views of natural surroundings around the city. Located near the lower Himalayan range, Patnitop gives tourists breathtaking views of the Chenab basin and the steep Pir Panjal valley.

The most popular season to visit Patnitop by couples on honeymoon is during the winter season when the white snow glorifies the land. Patnitop is widely popular for its various outdoor adventure activities like skiing, horse riding, and trekking with different trekking paths around the city. 

Couples can enjoy a romantic time by the freshwater springs in Patnitop and enjoy local Kashmiri food at any famous Dhabas. Patnitop is an ideal getaway for couples to spend quality time together and explore the beauty of this city.


Gulmarg is considered to be one of the beautiful places to visit in the Kashmir valley. Located in the Pir Panjal Range of the Western Himalayas, Gulmarg is widely famous for its snow-clad mountain tops, deep colorful valleys, pine-covered slopes, and much more. The picturesque town allows tourists to click amazing pictures from the top of Apharwat peak in Gulmarg.

The 3-day annual winter festival is a popular event among tourists and showcases the true culture of Jammu and Kashmir with traditional dances, diverse fields of music, and much more. Couples can enjoy and review the enthralling ride of the Gulmarg Gondola that is considered to be Asia’s second longest cable car ride.

With Kashmir Honeymoon Packages, couples can enjoy an exclusive romantic private time at Seven springs near Kongdori in Gulmarg. Couples can also experience the blooming of various colorful flowers in the valleys of Gulmarg during the Autumn season. With a plethora of adventurous activities to indulge in and various scenic places to visit, Gulmarg becomes an ideal honeymoon destination for couples.

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  1. Ravish Mani September 12, 2021

    Your post reminds me of the movie Arzoo, staring Sadhna & Rajendra Kumar. Most part of the movie was shot in Kashmir.

  2. Siddhant Agarwal September 20, 2021

    This is very helpful in planning an itinerary

  3. Gurjeet Chhabra September 20, 2021

    Its my heartily desire to visit “the Heaven On Earth”. I heard a lot about Gulmarg, I want to ski and have a beautiful view of snow and mountains.

  4. Yogita September 20, 2021

    Such a beautiful post. Loved reading it .. I m surely gonna plan a trip to kashmir soon

  5. Pratibha September 21, 2021

    Damn! I really need to travel now! I have some very fond memories of Akhnoor when my father was posted there.

  6. Seema Bardeskar September 21, 2021

    Kashmir is so beautiful and serene and a place not to miss out on. Bookmarking your blog.

  7. Somnath October 10, 2021

    Very informative post. Woderful writing.


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