Hotel Review : Vedic Village Resort and Spa – an escape from the mundane

Last Updated on May 9, 2024

It all started on a Friday morning. I sat with my cousin to plan something for the weekend. But the resorts near Kolkata were full for the weekend. Only one of them were left that is the Vedic Village Resorts & Spa. I was a little apprehensive about it as to why would only this resort be available for the weekend. Thankfully enough I was in for a pleasant surprise.

So, this was a trip with my enthusiastic young cousin in his twenties, my aunt who is in her fifties, my reluctant septuagenarian father who didnt want to spend one night away from home and my infant of 11 months. It turned out to be one of the best affordable resort experiences in India for every age-group.

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Enter Vedic Village

A hidden gem in the cradle of nature, the Vedic Village Spa Resort is a perfect getaway from the hustle of Kolkata city. Located in old Rajarhat, about 20minutes drive from the Kolkata international airport this luxury resort blends in perfectly with the distinctiveness of the surroundings. It combines unrivalled interior luxury with outstanding outdoor recreation and the raw beauty of rural West Bengal. A quaint retreat with 150 acres of lush, fertile farmland, lakes, coconut trees, and a floral diversity, it is a haven for migratory birds, butterflies and squirrels.

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A Photo Story

The entrance to the resort is through some narrow roads in rural areas of Rajarhat. And the theme of the resort merges beautifully with the surroundings. The resort truly combines the natural beauty with the modern luxury. 

Lovely entrance to the Vedic Village Resort & Spa

There are four types of accommodation that you can book in the resort.

One is standard bedrooms with garden-view in the resort.

The second are the Earth Villas which are independent cottages with garden view. T

The third type are the Lake Villas which are beautiful mud houses overlooking the artificial lake.

And the fourth are private 3-bhk , 4bhk and 5-bhk apartments in the area which you can book for large groups. These are called “Aqua-villa” and they have private kitchen, garden-area and roof-top swimming pool.

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After check-in we took some time to freshen up in our rooms and then headed out for an evening walk. The road was wet due to light showers but not muddy. The sky just started to clear up across the lush green gardens and farms. You can also hire electric vehicles to explore the area, but we decided to go for a leisurely walk in the fine weather. Here are some pictures from our evening stroll.

Swimming Pool at Vedic Village Resort & Spa
The Aqua Villas – privately owned holiday homes with private roof-top pools
Wet roads in the village after light showers

Earth Villas at Vedic Village Resort & Spa

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After walking around the aqua -bungalows and earth-villas, we headed to Bhoomi for some snacks.

This is Bhoomi. Wouldn't you love to have some chai samosas here?

Although it's mostly an outdoor eating area there is a small mud-house with thatched roof for indoor eating. The elegantly lit indoor setting looked beautiful but it was closed at 4:30 pm. The chai snacks were supposed to be available then outside, but it was not ready. The fixed close timings and flexible open timings is a problem typical with Kolkata's businesses. I however didn't expect it to be the case in such a professionally managed private property.

Post that we had a fun-time in the pool and the recreation room. The recreation room has a library, a table-tennis court, a carrom board, and a chess board. But the highlight for me was the amazing Montessori playroom.

Piku loved the Children's Play Room

And after that was the second round of walk, this time in the mostly gorgeous view of nature in the lake area. I look forward to staying in one of these lake villas next time.

Evening walk around the Lake villas
A lovely sunset view

Kids-friendly property

Piku loved Vedic Village

Most of this huge property is wheel-chair friendly, which means it's also easy to walk around with babies on their prams. I saw many families with infants and toddlers in this resort. The gorgeous pool and the lovely playroom make it perfect for a family outing.

Food at Vedic Village

Food at the Vedic village is served at three specialised places – Bhoomi, Agni and Sheetal.

Bhoomi is mostly an outdoor seating arrangement which offers tea and snacks during the morning and evening. During the afternoon you get the Maharaja Thali – a complete 5-course Bengali meal served in a thali. At Bhoomi you should also visit the pretty little nursery for herbs and flowering plants.

Sheetal is for buffet breakfast and dinner. Agni is for ala-carte and liquor. Besides these you can also get room service from both these restaurants.

Food at Vedic village is expensive but absolutely amazing. Most of the ingredients are sourced from organic farms within the property. 

After a long walk we headed to Bhoomi for snacks.

We therefore decided to have coffee and sandwich for evening snacks at the lounge-area.

After snacks we had some fun-time at the pool and recreation room, followed by a walk along the lake-side.

Sumptous sizzlers at Agni
Kebab Sizzlers at Agni
A post-dinner walk in the moon-lit night

Morning Vibes at Vedic Village

It's a delight to wake up to the sound of birds and walk amidst the trees and blossoming gardens of Vedic village. A long walk in the property is what the doctor recommends for a long healthy life.

Captivating wall-art in the resort
The aquatic blossoms in the morning

Finally we decided to have some excellent tea and luchi-torkari for breakfast at the Bhoomi. I must say the food was aamzing there and cheapest compared to the rest of the property.

Finally we did manage to have Bengali Breakast at Bhoomi

Final Review

Summing up my entire experience into a list of pros and cons, so that you can decide if you're planning the next weekend getaway here.


  • Large variety of accommodation- options
  • Competitive pricing of hotel rooms
  • Raw nature, greenery fresh air and a huge property to explore
  • Child-friendly and old-age friendly
  • Delicious food
  • Lots of amenties- party halls, DJ, Pools, indoor games, adventure sports etc.


  • With so much greenery comes mosquitoes
  • Food is over-expensive
  • No other restaurants, medical stores etc nearby within 3-km radius
  • Hiring cabs back home was difficult, not an issue if you bring your personal car
  • Weak Wifi connectivity

I'd rate this resort 4 on 5, and strongly recommend it for family staycation.


Well, that was my post today. My stay was not fully or partially sponsored, and this is not a paid review. However, I use affiliate links to pay for the hosting services for this blog and my effort. So, if you make any purchase through these links, a big thanks to you.

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Vedic Village Resort & Spa is a perfect weekend staycation near Kolkata. A destination for all age-groups this is one of the most affordable family-friendly luxury retreats in India. Click to read all about it.
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  1. Your post-dinner walk in the moon-lit night sounds like a fairy tale. The resort is a lovely family retreat.

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