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Backpack & Explore is a journal of an analyst by profession whose heart lies in writing and traveling. Yes, that’s me, a next-door Indian woman with a career in the corporate and a novice homemaker who still burns her food sometimes.

It is difficult to keep the wanderlust soul alive even while managing the responsibilities of work and family. But it’s very well possible – even with limited means. That’s why we write for people like us. We write from our personal experience, we share our travel stories, our wins, and our losses. Our travel guides cater to common people, how to optimize your travel in the budget and get the best out of it.

This blog not just about places and itineraries, it is also about people and stories. The legends of an old temple, the history of a modern party-hub, the epic fails and misadventures. So grab a cup of chai or coffee, get yourself comfortable and binge on the stories, the falls and the lakes, the beaches and the hills, the forts, and the temples.  Not to forget – the potholes, the rains on the muddy roads, the lost GPS signal, the top-rated sites which underwhelmed, and the obscure ones which surprised… the list just keeps growing.

For there’s a story behind every road we take, every plan we make..

stories that ought to be told as we Backpack & Explore

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