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Hello there!

Thank you for visiting the blog and if you are on this page I think it’s safe to think you liked it a little? If you do, please subscribe to my weekly newsletters for our travel stories and help us stay connected. Now, after that tiny bit of self-promotion, let’s just skip to the topic – About US!

I am Sinjana, the creator, and manager of the blog. Besides being a blogger I am a full-time analyst and a novice homemaker who still burns her food sometimes. The passion to write and motivate common people like me to squeeze out time in their busy schedule and explore the world is what inspired me to start Backpack & Explore. The blog is not about backpacking, it’s just a way to tell you to pack your bags and set off to explore and discover yourself while you do so. Go for a solo trip in the Himalayas or a family trip to Kerala, Backpack across Europe or or take a day trip from your city.

I am a right-brained individual who never quite loved maths, but destiny smiled and took me to the field of analytics. I am currently working as analytics professional for over 5 years! There is no one right way to travel (except not littering or vandalizing, of course, that should be a criminal offense), so just go out there and discover what you like. My travelogues, experiential travel guides coupled with historical and fun facts are mostly aimed towards that. I truly believe in our theme -“there’s a story behind every destination, every journey”. I am also a published author now with my book Postcards from India : India’s Hidden Gems tell their Stories available on Amazon. My book was nominated in the E-Lit Festival 2020 by Kharido Becho Books team in collaboration with Srishti Publishers.


I share my journey through this blog, but I want to know your story too. If you read this blog, I’d love to know you and thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you are an explorer I’d love to share your travel stories with the world through my blog. If you are a fellow blogger, a big high-five there, I’d like to know your story too. If you are a company or brand that wants to work with me you can also reach out to me on email to work with us. I am just an email away, so write to me at backpacknxplore@gmail.com 

This blog is my creative child and it managed completely by me. But this blog is about my travel stories which are incomplete without my travel companions. For the most part, it’s my husband, Chayan- the man behind the lens (for the many photos on the blog) and the wheels.

His contribution to the blog goes beyond that. It’s his insane love for long drives made multitudes of our road trip adventures possible. From a day trip to Gandikota to a speedy road trip to Kerala’s backwaters over a weekend, from Munnar in monsoon to an unplanned trip to Bekal – none of these stories would be created had it not been for his persistence.


To know more about me and this blog you can check out our interviews on Books As I See, IndibblogHub and Eat My News. You can also catch me in the entertaining video interview with the Kharidobecho Books Team on Instagram.


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