13 Offbeat Waterfalls near Chandigarh You Must Visit in 2024

Last Updated on May 9, 2024

Chandigarh is regarded as one of the most well-planned cities of India. A center of culture and heritage, this fascinating city has a lot to offer to the travel-lovers, both within the city and around. Starting from Chandigarh, you're just a few km away from the stunning states of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, where you'll find countless amazing waterfalls. Our guest author Jatin will take you on a virtual tour of 12 such obscure waterfalls near Chandigarh that are perfect weekend getaways.

While you can plan a trip on any long weekend, July to September is the best time to visit these places. The rains make the waterfalls all the more magical. So, without much ado, let's delve into the list.

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1. Chadwick Falls

Location: Near Shimla
Distance from Chandigarh: 112 km

Chadwick Falls is a popular tourist site near Shimla, approximately 110 km from Chandigarh. You can come here with family too, but not with senior citizens or small kids, as there is a small trek that you need to cover.

Beautiful river valley on a sunny day in Shimla
A glimpse of the beautiful mountain and river valley of Shimla

This is a hidden gem as the place is very scenic, and according to locals, this waterfall was named after a British officer who constructed the water system for Shimla city. Also, some nearby locals told us that the real name of this place was Chidku Jhaar, where Chidku is a bird and Jhaar means waterfall.

But since the British Indian officers couldn’t pronounce the original name, they named it Chadwick. I don’t know the whole story and don’t care as this place is a must-watch for all travelers searching for a natural waterfall near Chandigarh.

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2. Jangeshu Waterfall

Location: Near Kasauli
Distance from Chandigarh: 46 km

Jangeshu Waterfall is a private property, where the entire administration of the waterfall is maintained by a private hotel. The management has also constructed two private swimming pools here, just next to the main waterfall site. Unlike Chadwick Fall, which has free entry, you need to pay a ticket fee to enter here.

River pouring down the Misty valley of Kasauli
Magical Lanscape of Kasauli

Moreover, they have a strict policy that only allows families and couples inside, so no groups are allowed. I read some reviews of this place before visiting, and their no-group policy has brought many negative reviews for them.

But if you ask me, it’s not that bad, as the management takes good care of the site. If you are like me, a family traveler, it’s a nice place to have lunch and spend some time at a waterfall near Chandigarh.

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3. Riva Waterfall

Himachal Pradesh Tourism

Location: Near Solan
Distance from Chandigarh: 80 km

Riva Waterfall is in Tikar village, just a 12 km drive from Solan city. This is by far the most beautiful and natural waterfall, which is less than 100 km from Chandigarh.

So, once you reach here, you will see many cars and bikes of locals, as it's quite popular among the locals, and surprisingly, in summer there is a good crowd here, even though you need to trek down through an unconstructed path.
We even saw Delhi school scouts coming here, so consider that an 8th class kid can easily come down here. The spectacular height and mesmerizing surroundings make it an offbeat wonder of India.

4. Marina Waterfall

Location: Shimla City
Distance from Chandigarh: 114 km

Panoramic view of the hill station of Shimla under overcast sky

Marina Waterfall is small but located inside Shimla City. We stumbled upon it while searching for a hotel near Mall Road.
It's not the kind of place you would specifically visit from Chandigarh. Instead, it's more like a spot people explore while in Shimla, strolling near Mall Road, and visiting only for pictures.
You can't take a bath here as it's on Mall Road, and the local police might take action if you try to be too clever about it.

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5. Mashobra Waterfall

Train to Kalka

Location: Near Kalka
Distance from Chandigarh: 37 km

Again, we found this waterfall when we were visiting the popular temple in Kalka, Shree Kali Mata
Mandir. It's Mashobra Waterfall, and I'm specifying the city name because I don't want you to think that this waterfall is in Mashobra, a popular hill station near Shimla.

It's a nice place, quite peaceful, and we even found a couple here from Kalka for a pre-wedding photoshoot. In my view, it's a good place to chill out, especially during the rainy season, but not a must-visit place from Chandigarh.

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6. Chakki Modh Waterfall

Location: Near Parwanoo
Distance from Chandigarh: 38 km

Chakki Modh is a small village in Himachal Pradesh, 9 km from Parwanoo, which is famous for its Timber Trail ropeway.
Here you first need to reach the village, and then do some off-roading for around 1 km, and then finally you will reach Chakki Modh Waterfalls.
This place is more of a lake + falls, and don’t get surprised to see some pre-wedding photoshoots, as it is quite close to Chandigarh.
For me, it's also a nice place to do some trekking & camping, and in winters, this place is even more enchanting as you will see some amazing greenery in the surrounding area.

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7. Burj Kotiya Waterfall

Location: Near Raipur, Haryana
Distance from Chandigarh: 22 km

If you are thinking that all waterfalls near Chandigarh are in Himachal, then check out Burj Kotiya Waterfall, which is in Haryana, near the Himachal border.
This place is also a Lake + Fall area, less than an hour's drive from Chandigarh and quite popular among locals.
But at the same time, it’s a family picnic destination, so keep this in mind before planning a trip here.

So now as we have covered 7 waterfalls near Chandigarh, let me share some spectacular waterfall sites that are more than 100 km drive from Chandigarh, and worth visiting.

8. Bhagsunag Waterfall

Location: Dharamshala
Distance from Chandigarh: 240 km

Beautiful waterfall in the mountains of Dharamshala

This is by far one of the best places to visit in Dharamshala, as it involves an easy 1 km trek through some of the most beautiful valleys in Himachal Pradesh.

There's a place called Shiva Café near the waterfall, and just before reaching it, you will start hearing the water falling. Bhagsunag Waterfall is named after the nearby Bhagsunag Temple, dedicated to Mahadev Shiv.
Since this place holds religious importance, you will not find heavy drinkers here. You can come here with friends and family and chill for 2-3 hours quite easily. Plus you want to explore Chandigarh, then checkout this guide on Top 10 best places to visit Chandigarh.

9. Jogni Waterfall

Location: Near Manali
Distance from Chandigarh: 276 km

The rocks beneath the waterfall in Manali
Riverbed in Manali

Jogni Waterfall is the best waterfall site you can visit from Chandigarh. Getting here demands at least 5-6 hours due to a 2 km trek with almost no man-made path, posing a challenge for some. However, once you arrive, any fatigue you have will dissolve within 2 minutes, as it stands as the most breathtaking waterfall in all of Himachal.

The setting here resembles a flat mountain wall with a massive water flow coming down, and that’s our Jogni Waterfall, a rare sight in India. Unfortunately, tourists often leave garbage in this pristine site, adding an unnecessary burden. So, try to preserve this original natural wonder and carry your trach back to the city.

10. Jana Waterfall

Location: Near Naggar
Distance from Chandigarh: 267 km

Snow-clad mountains as seen from Naggar

This waterfall also lies along the Chandigarh Manali route, similar to Jogni Waterfalls. Here, you will enjoy the waterfall site and can also try local food at ManRam Ji's. You can easily reach here by car, followed by a small trek.
Additionally, you can explore some local sites in Naggar, such as the Naggar Castle. I personally visited this place when I was returning to Chandigarh from Manali, and it was worth it for a nice lunch and an hour of peace.

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11. Neergarh Waterfall

Location: Near Rishikesh
Distance from Chandigarh: 214 km

Road to Neergarh Waterfall

Neer Garh Waterfalls are like a group of waterfalls as here you will see three main waterfall sites and while trekking to these three falls, you will find many small, but spectacular waterfalls here. To come here from Chandigarh, you need to first reach Rishikesh in Uttarakhand, and then plan a 1-2 km trekking at this site, but it's worthy.

And since Rishikesh is also a holy city, so you will see many families, married couples, and everyone enjoying in a cool & calm manner.

12. Patna Waterfall

Location: Near Patna, Uttarakhand not Bihar
Distance from Chandigarh: 220 km

Don’t be misled by the name; this is Patna in Uttarakhand, near Rishikesh. Here, you'll encounter a solid 2-3 km trek, a bit challenging, through a forested area that falls under Rajaji National Park, leading to one of the most beautiful natural waterfalls in Uttarakhand.

This waterfall is immense; if you've seen Kempty Waterfall near Mussoorie, then you'll understand what I'm referring to. The only downside is that it might take up to 2 hours to reach here, but otherwise, it's wonderful.

13. Rahala Waterfall

Location: Near Solang
Distance from Chandigarh: 300 km

And to save the best at the last, we present Rahala Waterfall. And it's my humble request to visit this place in winter, to see real heaven on earth.
I have never seen a place like this in my whole like and I have no words to explain it to you. So, I'm sharing this video of Rahala Waterfall, the best waterfall near Chandigarh.

YouTube video

That's a wrap to todays' post. I'm sure it will help you plan some amazing weekend getaways from your city. If you live in Bangalore, don't forget to check out the most scenic routes for roadtrips from Bangalore.

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