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Prinsep Ghat – A photo story along the banks of Hooghly, Kolkata

Today, I will take you on a trip to my favorite place in my own city – the Prinsep Ghat, Kolkata. Join me as I stroll on the banks of Hooghly, watch the sunset from a boat and the majestic Howrah bridge twinkling at night.

“Kolkata is a beautiful city. Wherever you place a camera you get a vision”

–  Pradeep Sarkar, filmmaker.

I was going through a writer’s block, or should I say blogger’s block for a while now. I was neck-deep in the office workload and couldn’t even decide what to write when I got the time. So I completely reversed my process of writing. I browsed through the pictures of my last trip to Kolkata, resized them and put them in the post. Then, I started writing what came to my mind when I saw the pictures. That’s the magic of Kolkata, a city that inspired a thousand works of art.

You can check out the comprehensive Kolkata itinerary which I carefully designed for first-time visitors.

The city on banks of Hooghly

When the holy Ganges flows into the fertile plains of Bengal she is called Hooghly. On the banks of this river sprung up the charming city of Calcutta, that was discovered by Job Charnock 300 years ago. Some of the greatest cities in history have developed on the banks of a river. When you visit Paris you can see how the city’s architecture was themed around Sienne. Same goes of London on the banks of Thames, Amsterdam on the banks of Amstel, so on and so forth. It’s a pity that back home, rivers are considered sacred but have been left to die in the filth for decades.

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Prinsep Ghat Kolkata - the oldest recreational spot on the banks of river Hooghly. Join me as I take you on a photo walk on the beautified riverfront of Kolkata. #travel #kolkata #india

For a long time, Prinsep Ghat was just a lovely white monument on the bank of Hooghly. Even then it was a popular recreational spot for the locals in the city of joy. It was also the spot where dignitaries embarked upon when they came to the city. Thankfully after years of negligence, the banks of Kolkata came to the notice of authorities. Beautification of the banks begun and today if I had to show someone around my city, I’d proudly take them on a long walk on its riverfront. Well since I had no one to show around this time, I took my parents on this trip with me.

Enter Prinsep Ghat

Park at Prinsep Ghat Kolkata

A new addition to the park at Prinsep ghat is this elephant trio. Funny how they are put behind bars as if they could just walk away soon. Sad that people come to this beautifully maintained place for free, and feel like throwing their garbage here. Yeah, even behind bars the elephants are not spared from the garbage of humans. A closer look at the picture will reveal the effectiveness with which people have managed to throw plastic wrappers and bottles inside the small space. Next morning workers would come and clean the area, only for it to be littered all over again.

We moved on to the spectacular sight of the pristine white monument built with the second Hooghly bridge on the backdrop.

Prinsep Ghat Memorial Kolkata

About James Prinsep and his memorial

James Prinsep was a versatile genius, who came to India in 1819, at the age of 20. He became the Assay-master of the Calcutta Mint. He also founded the Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal and deciphered the ancient Kharosthi and Brahmi scripts of India. In his short, yet illustrious life he achieved several remarkable feats in art, science, and numismatics.

He took a keen interest in architecture during his stay in Benaras (Varanasi) when he created an accurate map of the ancient city. He helped design the drainage system of Benares and restore the Mughal-era minarets which were in a state of decay. In Kolkata (then Calcutta), he continued the work on a canal connecting Hooghly to the Sundarbans in the east.

Prinsep Ghat MemorialNo wonder this renowned Indologist was loved by people. On his demise at the age of 40, the citizens raised a public fund of Rs. 12,000 to construct this monument in 1841. Since then this has been an important landing place for dignitaries who visited Calcutta.

Years passed by, Calcutta turned into Kolkata, and the monument was reduced to a shadow of its former glory. In 2001, the building was restored without loss of its original character and splendor. The white marble building is a bright example of Greek and Gothic architecture blended with Indian style.

prinsep ghat memorial

This photo was taken 6 years back in a mobile camera back then. So excuse the quality 🙂

At night when the beautiful Vidyasagar Setu (Second Hooghly Bridge) lights up, the splendid white monument shines against it. Prinsep Ghat is essentially Calcuttan. It’s simple, romantic and artistic. The place is as much for young lovers as it is for the solitary wanderers. Photographers, filmmakers, and artists flock the place in the evening for inspiration. The legacy of the polymath who loved the city lives in this ambiance.

The Beautified riverfront

prinsep ghat railway platform

As soon as you leave the building and walk towards the river you will notice lyrical tunes of Rabindra-sangeet floating in the air. Nothing could compliment the essentially Bengali atmosphere near the river better than that. It was not in place when I last visited back in 2013. So it’s a fairly recent development. Normally I would consider the idea of having music played on speakers here a bad idea. But the soft tunes blend into the ambiance with the sound of the birds and the ruffling of leaves.

To know more about Rabindranath Tagore and his gigantic body of works, visit Jorasanko Thakur Bari in Kolkata. It is the ancestral house of the Tagores which now houses the Rabindra Bharti museum.

Prinsep Ghat is also a platform which is a part of the Kolkata circular railways. You can board a train just to enjoy the beautiful views of the riverfront if you are not up for a long walk. Otherwise, cross the railway tracks and reach the walkway.

Prinsep Ghat walkway

The walkway is beautifully maintained and thankfully clean. There are dustbins all along the sides, so honestly, there is no excuse of littering here. From here you can walk to Babughat, followed by Millenium Park, all the way up to Howrah Bridge. It’s just 3.9 km but try walking in a hot summer evening with reluctant parents. I let it pass and instead, convinced my parents for a boat ride. Not the steamer, or speed boat but the real wooden boat with no motors.

Boat ride in Hooghly

A glance at these colorful boats would entice anyone to take a ride. I went up to the boatmen and asked the tariff. They quoted Rs. 300 for 3 people for a thirty-minute ride. Having stayed outside Kolkata for so long I was taken by surprise at the really low price quoted by the boatmen. I am used to starting bargaining at ridiculously higher prices even in the offbeat remote destinations of Karnataka.

Colorfurl boats at Prinsep Ghat KolkataAs the boatman rowed us towards the bridge we expected some respite in the cool breeze of the river. And here comes the sad part. Kolkata is a beautiful city, but it has the most irritable summer in the world. Kolkata’s humidity is sheer horror in the months of May to July, and global warming is not helping it either. There was greenery all around but not a leaf moved as we sailed into the depths of Hooghly. If you plan to visit Kolkata, choose a different month. Winter is ideal with an azure sky and marvelous weather. You can also visit in September or October during the festive season to enjoy the grand Durga Puja of Kolkata.

Prinsep Ghat boats on hooghly

But once you start sailing the sights and sounds around are enough to make you forget the weather. It’s like a piece of rural serenity at the heart of an over-crowded city. There is a small fan in the boat for the comfort of the passengers. I think about the boatmen who row against the mighty waves throughout the day for a livelihood. Does the golden hour stir their soul the way they do ours? Maybe not. Maybe a day at my air-conditioned office sitting on a cushy chair in front of the laptop would sound like a holiday to them.

Golden Hour at Prinsep Ghat Kolkata

The silhouette of the second Hooghly bridge provides the perfect backdrop for the Prinsep Ghat. It is indeed a photographer’s delight. It is also called Vidyasagar Setu in the name of the 19th-century Bengali scholar and reformer, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar. With a total length of 823 meters, it is the longest cable-stayed bridge in the country. The bridge is illuminated at night offering a visual spectacle.

howrah bridge from boat ride in Hooghly

On the other side, you can see the first bridge that was built on the river, the beautiful Howrah bridge. It is the only cantilever bridge in India and the sixth-longest in the world. Ever since its inception in 1943, it has been the lifeline of the city and the unofficial icon of Kolkata. No trip to Kolkata would be complete without taking a picture of the Howrah bridge. In 1965, it was named Rabindra Setu after the first non-European Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore. But I am a resident, who traveled on the bridge countless times. So naturally, I don’t have a great picture of the Howrah bridge.

Places to visit near Prinsep Ghat

This is where my photo story of the Prinsep Ghat ends. This is the heartbeat of the city and it is speckled with edifices of colonial architecture. Before taking a walk along the riverfront you can visit the scintillating Victoria Memorial and St. Paul’s cathedral. You can also see the majestic Fort William only from outside, as it is now a property of the Indian Army.  There is another walkway nearby called Man-O-War jetty which commemorates the role played by the Port in the Second World War. This is a walking map for a walk along the beautified banks of Hooghly.

Where to stay in Kolkata?

Prinsep Ghat is located near the city center so I recommend you to stay in the heart of the city near Esplanade and Park street. These are the best hotels in these areas.

Hotels in Luxury Range

A heritage 5-star hotel located in Alipore conveniently close to prime tourist attractions like Victoria Memorial, Kalighat, and the business district of Kolkata.

Another fantastic property close to major tourist zones as well as shopping areas like new market. It is accessible via subway (metro stations) of Esplanade and Park Street.

Hotels in 4-star and 3-star category

Check out more options for Kolkata hotels here .

Hope you liked this photo story. Have you visited Kolkata? If you haven’t do follow our Kolkata Chronicles where I am going to share insights about some of the best places to visit in the city. If you liked it, image below to save the post. Share it with your friends and subscribe to stay tuned to our latest posts.

Prinsep Ghat Kolkata - A photowalk along the beautified riverfront of Kolkata starting with the iconic marble monument. #Kolkata #India #travel

Disclaimer: All pictures and content are my own. Copying any of them without my written consent will amount to plagiarism. The post contains affiliate links. It means we will get a small commission if you purchase anything through those links, without any additional cost to you.


Sinjana Ghosh

Sinjana Ghosh is a full-time business professional with a penchant for writing and travel planning. Backpack & Explore is a journal of her travel stories and tips she collected from her experience. She is the author of the travel book “Postcards from India” which is available on Amazon, Flipkart and Notionpress.com

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  1. Gabby August 10, 2019

    What a beautiful way for us to get to know your city. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

    1. Sinjana Ghosh August 12, 2019

      Thank you so much

  2. Maria August 12, 2019

    Such a thorough guide! Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing such an informative point of view.

    1. Sinjana Ghosh August 12, 2019

      Thank you so much

  3. Clarice August 12, 2019

    Totally agree with you! The silhoutte of the second Hooghly bridge provides the perfect backdrop. Initially, I thought it was San Francisco Bridge. I can just imagine it so wonderful once illuminated.

    Happy to know there is so much to see in Kolkata. Would love to visit in the future and see James Prinsep’s memorial up close.

  4. Summer Austin August 12, 2019

    Those are beautiful sunset photos on the river! If I visited here I would also want to take a boat ride. It’s good to know it was reasonably priced and you didn’t have to negotiate the price much. I’ve seen photos of Prinsep Ghat before but didn’t know about the elephants. I agree it’s very disrespectful that people litter in that area, I wish such a beautiful place could be better appreciated.

  5. Kate August 13, 2019

    I totally agree that it’s very sad to see so many of our water sources deteriorating! I had the exact same reaction to the elephant trio in Prinsep ghat with the fence being necessary to keep the potentially escaping elephants in and the sad sight of the garbage. The boat ride in Hooghly looks absolutely magnificent though!

  6. Adele Gee August 13, 2019

    I can understand how you would get inspired to write from those pictures, the are truly beautiful.I would love to take a boat ride on the Hooghly. Those flat boats looks very interesting and good to know that the boatmen do not try to take advantage of tourists. My camera would be ready for taking in the second bridge with the boats. That’s awesome photography!

  7. Daniel August 13, 2019

    Your post and pictures made me realize how little of Kolkata have I seen. I was there for a few days in 2017 but apparently, that wasn’t enough. I would love to visit again and stay a lot longer someday.

    1. Sinjana Ghosh August 13, 2019

      Thanks Daniel! I hope you visit again. The city’s infrastructure is changing for better it seems, although political uncertainty looms large.

  8. sherianne August 13, 2019

    It really is a pretty area, they did a good job rejuvenating the riverwalk and the Hooghly bridge is an amazing backdrop. I would love to take a boat ride under it. Very sad that those gorgeously maintained elephants have to be protected. It seems as though a person would have to have intent for the trash to get inside the gate.

  9. Amrita August 14, 2019

    Prinsep Ghat is one of my favourite places in Kolkata. The white monument, the Hooghly river and the Vidyasagar Setu at the backdrop makes this place so beautiful. James Prinsep was such an illustrious soul and he did all these before he turned 40!

  10. Parnashree Devi August 16, 2019

    Wow..Kolkata is high on my list and capturing the hooghly with its glory is like a dream. I am so fascinated by the James Prinsep and his skills. Can’t wait to land in Kolkata soon and explore this historic city. You have captured some fantastic shots.

    1. Sinjana Ghosh August 16, 2019

      Thank you so much

  11. amar singh August 16, 2019

    Absolutely stunning . this brought back so many memories. Being born and brought up in the city of joy i remember visiting princep ghat for outings with the family . Great place to spend an evening strolling along the river and perhaps taking a boat ride along the hooghly. Not sure if the old eatery Scoop still there? The colourful light up building looks nostalgic and a reflection of the British Raj. So much oh history and a reflection of the Calcutta I knew. Thanks for sharing

    1. Sinjana Ghosh August 16, 2019

      Thanks Amar! So happy that I could bring back your memories. Yes scoop is still there.

  12. Aarti Krishnakumar January 28, 2020

    This place looks interesting, missed it.. Did not feature in any of the blogs/articles I read about kolkata.Wish i had stumbled upon your blog then!! anyways, next time

    1. Sinjana Ghosh January 30, 2020

      Such a pity that this beautiful place with a history finds little or no mention on the blogs.It’s extremely popular among the locals though.

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