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21 Exciting One Day Trips from Bangalore beyond the obvious choices!

Bangalore, the world’s 4th largest tech hub is not just about corporate campuses, traffic, and beer, it is also a perfect city for professionals with a wanderlust spirit. If you are one of them, this list of best one-day trips from Bangalore should help you quench your wanderlust one day trip at a time.

This list of best day trips from Bangalore excludes the beaten track records of Nandi Hills, Wonderla and Bannerghatta National Park which are great but over-crowded.

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All distances are 1-way and the journey gets longer as you scroll down the list!

One Day Trips from Bangalore within 50 km

There are many lakes and hills near Bangalore within 50-60 km. Personally, I love going on long drives far away from the city, but if you are taking your kids or older parents with you, you may prefer a relaxed trip. These are also suitable for trekking spots like Savanadurga, Skandgiri and more. The ones I listed below are slightly less crowded than the above.

1.  Manchinbele Dam & Big Banyan tree

Distance: 45 km | Things to do: Picnic, Water Sports | Duration: 4-5 hoursBeautiful view of Manchinbele Dam - Best Bangalore Daytrip within 50 km

This is the easiest weekend getaway from Bangalore, a favorite among corporate junkies yet surprisingly devoid of the crowd on the weekends. Originally constructed for irrigation purpose, the place is now famous for water-sports and corporate team-building activities. If you are not into this type of thing you can simply park your car away from the entrance, walk on the hills and enjoy the beauty of nature. The view of the blue water blending with the clear blue sky is spectacularly serene. It is also a great picnic spot for family and friends.

Read about our day trip to Manchinbele

On your way back you can head to Dodda Alada Mara, the 400-year-old Big Banyan Tree near Bangalore. Covering 3 acres area, this is one of the largest trees of its kind and is home to a beautiful park. Another place you can add to this one day trip is a beautiful lake Nelligudde kere.

2. Ramnagaram Night Trek or a day trip from Bangalore

Distance: 55 km | Things to do: Trekking, Camping| Duration: 12 hours

21 Day trips from Bangalore- Ramnagaram TrekThis is the place where the famous dacoit Gabbar Singh used to live with his gang. Yes, Ramnagaram is the shooting location of the legendary Indian movie “Sholay” but this is not its only claim to fame. Amidst the dense forests stand the granite hills that you can never miss being awestruck at. A trek to the peak will take roughly 2-3hours for rookies. This is also one of the few places that are still open for night trek and camping near Bangalore. You can easily start the early morning at 5 am and reaching a peak at night and waking up to the golden sunrise is an experience you do not want to miss.

3. One Day outings in Bangalore combining the cliched with the off-beat

I have nothing against Nandi Hills or Bannerghatta National Park. They were my first two one day trips from Bangalore when I settled here for a job. I said I would leave them out on my list simply because you don’t really need me to tell you about it! But you can combine your one-day outing to Nandi Hills with a trip to Devanahalli Fort, which is emerging as a great location for photo-shoot these days.

Chunchi Falls - One of the best natural getaways near Bangalore

Chunchi Falls Near Bangalore

Another idea is to follow your safari and zoo-walk at Bannerghatta National Park with the beautiful Thottikallu falls. The Thottikallu falls is located just 35km from Bangalore city but the rural landscapes will make you feel that you are far away from city life. If you find the falls crowded, you can retreat into the forests or just drive to the river nearby. This is one of the many picnic spots in Bangalore.

One Day Trips from Bangalore within 100 km

There are many exciting places to visit around Bangalore within 100km. These include picnic spots, hill-tops, medieval forts, and ancient caves.

4. Mandargiri – A short one day trip from Bangalore

Distance: 67 km | Attractions: Temple, Panoramic views| Duration: 4-6 hours

Mandargiri day trip from Bangalore

Just 67km away from Bangalore, accessible through a 1-1.5 hour drive through the amazing Tumkur road lies one of the really off-beat places for travel lovers in Bangalore. Dotted with 1000-year old Jain temples this round hillock also offers a spectacular sunset for nature enthusiasts. The large rocks on the hill and the peacock feather design of the Jain temple provide perfect “Instagramic” backdrop for your photos. You can also visit for a small trekking opportunity to keep yourself fit.

5. One day trip from Bangalore to Antargange Caves and Hoskote

Distance: 69 km | Attractions: Trek,Cave exploration| Duration: 6-8 hours
Antargange in Kolar is one of the most popular attractions for adventure-loving youngsters. At an altitude of 1712 meters, it offers spectacular views and thrilling experience of cave exploration. The 3 km trek will take 2hours uphill, after which you can visit the temple Kashi Vishweshwara. If you are not too tired on your way back you can complete this one day trip from Bangalore with a tour of the historic fort area of Hoskote.

6. A trip to Avalabetta and Gudibande Fort- Two short treks in a day

Distance: 90 km | Attractions: History, Nature| Duration: 9-10 hours

one day trip to avabetta from bangalore

On a regular weekend, a drive to Avalabetta will take 2-2.5 hours. After that, a 1.5 km trek will lead you to the cap-shaped rock-cliff, an attractive point for photography. Unless you visit in the dry summer months you will get to see a pond at the hill-top which adds to the beauty. Note that the path to the hilltop is blocked now for many months due to some accidents.

After descending from the peak you can either drive back home (why the hell? ) or drive just 24km ahead to reach the Gudibande Fort. This is a massive 17th-century fort with well-preserved walls, which can be reached by a flight of steps. Personally, I (and all 3 of my travel buddies in the trip) liked the Gudibande fort way more in all respects – no crowd, interesting architecture, cave temples, and panoramic view.

Read about our trip to Avalabetta and Gudibande fort from Bangalore.

7. One Day Trip from Bangalore to Madhugiri 

Distance: 110 km | Attractions: History, Nature| Duration: 9-10 hours

Madhugiri is the second largest monolith in Asia, a feat that deserves attention in itself. However, perched atop the hill is a historic fort of the Vijayanagara empire. The Madhugiri Fort has some of the earliest water tanks of India which were built to harvest rainwater. The trek to Madhugiri fort is of moderate difficulty but the grandeur of the fort and the views from the hill-top will make it worthwhile.
Check out the list of best forts in India chosen by travel experts.

8. One Day Trip to Sangam, Mekedatu and Chunchi Falls

Distance: 115 km | Things to do: Scenic drive, Nature| Duration: 8-11 hoursBeautiful Foliage at the Sangam- where rivers meet

A scenic 2-hour drive away from Bangalore lies the beautiful natural spot, the confluence of the two most important rivers of Karnataka – Arkavathi and Cauvery. On your way, you will drive through winding uphill road lined with seasonal trees on both sides which look surreal in summer when they dry-up. It was a hot summer afternoon when we visited the place, but it was still throbbing with travelers. There’s nothing much to do here except sitting on the boulders with your feet under the river water soaking in the beauty of nature all around. In and around the monsoon, when the water is more, you could take a mesmerizing coracle ride too. In winter this is one of the best picnic spots near Bangalore.

Drive just 4km from here to reach Mekadatu to see the stunning natural designs formed on granite rocks formed by the river Cauvery cutting through it for thousand years. On your way back you can also trek to the Chunchi Falls. A trip covering all these three locations will take 10 hours.

When in Bangalore do check out one of these organized trips.


One Day trips from Bangalore within 150 km

Let me tell you there are too many options for a one day trip from Bangalore within 150 km, too many to list in one single post. Below are some of the most scenic trails from Bangalore. One day outing in Bangalore.

9.Day trip from Bangalore to Hogenekkal Falls and Forests 

Distance: 124 km | Things to do: Scenic drive, Nature| Duration: 8-11 hours

One day trip from bangalore to Hogenekkal

Hogenekkal falls is wide plunge formed by the Kaveri river in Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu. It is a charming perennial waterfall and one of the most popular places near Bangalore for one-day trips despite its distance. You can also take a coracle or boat ride in the river here. Unlike Shivanasamudra Hogenekkal still allows tourists to reach till the bottom of the waterfall. Since it is a perennial fall, it is the best time to visit is between October – March. The water gets extremely muddy in monsoon.

10. A day trip from Bangalore to Lepakshi 

Distance: 130 km| Attractions: Temple, Architecture | Duration: 6-8 hoursOne Day Trip from Bangalore - Lepakshi
Lepakshi is a historical town in Andhra Pradesh which is home to the iconic Veerabhadra Temple. The temple is an architectural masterpiece which has so many mysteries surrounding it. Did you hear of a temple with a hanging pillar? This is that temple. Apart from this, you can find the giant  Nandi Statue (a monolithic bull structure) and the Jatayu theme park. These 2 attractions apart from the great temple are enough to keep you engaged for 4-5 hours at Lepakshi, if not more.

Read: Legends of Lepakshi

11. One Day trip from Bangalore to Shivanasamudra

Distance: 135 km | Attractions: Nature| Duration: 8 hoursshivanasamudra day trip from bangalore

Drive about 30 km more from Talakadu and you will reach this picturesque village Shivanasamudra which is home to the Barachukki and Gaganachukki falls. These perennial waterfalls have been consistently ranked among the 100 most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Best time for a trip to Shivanasamudra is in monsoon. Unlike Hogenekkal, the water is not muddy here in the rains.

You can also visit the Shimsha dam and Ranganathaswamy temples in Shivanasamudra. The one day trip from Bangalore to Shivanasamudra can be clubbed with Talakadu, Somnathpura or BR Hills.

12. Shravanabelegola – Tallest monolithic statue in the world

Distance: 143 km | Attractions: Heritage,Active Pilgrimage| Duration: 10 hoursThe world's tallest monolithic statue at Shravanabelagola
Shravanabelegola is most famous for the Gomateshwara Bahubali temple which has a 58 ft statue of Mahaveer Jain – the tallest monolithic statue in the world. The temple is accessible via a flight of 620 steps. The temple dates back to 983 AD but is in such a great condition that it is hard to believe its age. Apart from the architectural wonders, the temple also offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the town.
There are many other old temples which you can explore here, all of which date back to 800-1000 years.

13. A One Day trip from Bangalore to Horsley Hills

Distance:  144 km| Attractions: Hills, Nature | Duration: 8 hours
One Day Trip from Bangalore - Horsley Hills Governor's BunglowOften dubbed as the Ooty of Andhra Pradesh, Horsley is a beautiful hill station only 140 km from Bangalore. Vibrant blossoms greet you on your way leading to the Horsley Hills. There are two viewpoints which offer a great panorama. When in Horsley you can just soak yourself in the natural beauty of the place and once done, you can head to the Horsley zoo which is home to some amazing wildlife.
Read about our trip to Horsley Hills from Bangalore.

One Day trip within 200km from Bangalore

14. Yelagiri – Hills, lakes and adventure sports

Distance : 159km | Trekking, Nature,Adventure| Duration: 12-15 hoursOne Day trip form Bangalore to Yelagiri

With temperate climate and greenery all year round, this hill station in Tamil Nadu is one of the best day trips from Bangalore for adventure lovers. The drive uphill needs a little bit of expertise but the views from 3465 ft are breathtaking. On our 11-hour trip, we just trekked to Swamimalai Hill-top, had lunch and returned. If you leave early you can visit the Punganoor Lake, Nature Park and telescope observatory. There are a number of resorts and decent hotels to stay overnight if you want to spend more time.

15. Somnathpur and Talakadu – One Day trip from Bangalore

Distance: 163 km | Attractions: Heritage,Sightseeing | Duration: 8-9 hoursUnearthed temples and natural beauty of Talakadu - perfect temple day trip
Somnathpur and Talakadu are sites with a large number of ancient temples, but most importantly they are architectural hotspots near Bangalore which you would enjoy visiting irrespective of your faith. In simple words, you can call this mini-Hampi which is accessible in one day trip. 

Related: Day trip to Talakadu, Shivasamudra, and BR Hills

Your first stop will be Keshava Temple in Somnathpura, an icon of the skills of Hoysala craftsmen. 24km from Somnathpur lies the mythical village of Talakadu, once known as the Benaras of the South. Talakadu was a Hindu Pilgrimage site which went under dunes of sand few hundred years ago. You can end your trip with a magical coracle ride in the serene waters of the Cauvery. The Talakadu Cauvery basin is a great place for a picnic near Bangalore. This is a great one-day outing in Bangalore.

If you love history and architecture and visiting Bangalore for the first time I strongly recommend these guided day-tours for you.

16. Mysore Wildlife – Ranganathittu and Mysore Zoo

Distance: 165 km | Attractions: Wildlife Watching | Duration: 12 hours

Mysore is also the city famous for amazing natural beauty and wildlife. If you have kids, my bet is they will definitely enjoy this Mysore day trip more than the one above. Mysore Zoo is easily one of the best and largest zoo facilities in India. There are many cafes and parks in the zoo, and this is itself could be a great day trip from Bangalore.

However, I love to see the wild in the open, so my favorite is Ranganathittu wildlife sanctuary. Remember to carry your binoculars and a high-zoom camera to feast your eyes with the sight of colorful birds and capture them through your lens.

You can book a guided excursion to Mysore from Bangalore as well.

17. One day trip from Bangalore to BR Hills

Distance: 178km | Attractions: Nature,Sightseeing | Duration: 12 hours

BR Hills - 1 Day outing from Bangalore
The BR hills are located at the border of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, in the Western Ghats. It is named after the Biligiriranga temple built atop the hill. It is an ecological hotspot with a large variety of wild beasts including sloth bear, antelopes, peafowls and even tigers. These are not easy to catch a glimpse of though, as they are scattered all over the region. You can, however, see a lot of monkeys and birds in the picturesque wildlife sanctuary. The view from the hill is also a sight to behold. It is on the same route as Shivanasamudra so you may try to club it with the same.

18. Mysore Iconic – Mysore Palace & Brindavan Gardens

Distance: 181 km | Things to do: Scenic drive, sightseeing, picnic| Duration: 15 hours

One Day Trips from Bangalore - Mysore PalaceThe cultural capital of Karnataka and the cleanest city of South India is not a place that you can explore in less than two days. The two iconic landmarks of Mysore are the Mysore Palace, the home to the Royal family of Mysore and the Vrindavan Gardens, one of Bollywood’s favorite Desi location. In a round-trip spanning 12 hours, you can easily cover both these places even and even more, after considering the dense traffic in both the cities on any given day. Check out the best things to do in Mysore with suggestive itinerary for a one-day trip.

Mysore is a beautiful city which needs more than a day to explore. Book this 2-day guided tour to experience the best of Mysore in 2 days.

Doable One Day trip over 200km from Bangalore

If you love long drives as much as we do, you may want to push your boundaries and drive over 400 km in a day. The excellent roads of national and state highways of Karnataka make such trips possible. Although I’d always recommend staying somewhere overnight, I’d say that it is doable in a day if you don’t have another day to spare.

19. Shettihalli Church – Drowning monument

Distance: 223 km | Attractions: Ruins,Nature| Duration: 9-10 hours

The drowning church of Shettyhalli, 200 km away from Bangalore is a soulful 1 day trip

The Shettihalli Church is the ruins of a French Gothic church built in 1860, but the ruins have their own appeal. The Shettihalli Rosemary church is famously called the drowning church as it drowns under the Hemavathi river in monsoon and emerges back in the summer! In 1960 the villages near the church were deserted due to the construction of the Gorur dam, and the church was left abandoned. The dilapidated roofless church has its own charm and has become a sought after location for photo-shoots, which make you wonder if the church in its former self-was as attractive as the site of ruins.

A peaceful area tucked away from the main city of Hassan, is an ideal place to relax, take a boat ride and watch the sunset. While the distance is more, the road is a breeze and the scenic trails make the drive worthwhile.

20. One day trip from Bangalore to Gandikota

Distance : 285 km | Attractions: Fort, Nature | Duration: 15 hours 

The last two in this list is for crazy road-trippers who can drive more than 600 km in a day. I recommend these for a one day trip is due to the dearth of accommodation options nearby. Gandikota is a village named after a 14th-century fort. The Gandikota fort, in turn, got its name from the giant gorge formed by the Pennar river cutting through the Erramala Hills. Its structure and beauty earn it the name Grand Canyon of India. It’s one of the best places near Bangalore for a one day trip.

If you are into overnight camping you can spend a night at the campsite.

21. A one day trip from Bangalore to Belum Caves

Distance: 300km| Attractions: Ruins, Nature| Duration: 15 hoursBelum Caves - the longest one-day trip from Bangalore

Belum caves is a natural cave which is estimated to be millions of years old. There were many vessels and sculptures found inside the caves which date back to the ancient period. It is the longest cave in the Indian sub-continent that is open to the public and is home to the mysterious Patalganga, a perennial water-flow inside the caves. You can club this with the Yaganti cave temples 44 km away or Gandikota which is slightly closer to Bangalore.

A trip to Gandikota, Belum caves and nearby regions from Hyderabad makes to the list of best long weekend trips in India for 2019.

Important Resources for Bangalore Trip

Before closing this massive post here is a list of travel tips for you.

  • Book your self-drive rentals online from Zoomcar and Myles
  • Check Get Your Guide for some fantastic guided tours
  • Weather in Bangalore is pleasant but unpredictable. Always carry an umbrella or waterproof jacket with you.
  • Wear appropriate travel shoes for the Indian terrain and climate.
  • Type “Bangalore” on our search box and read all our articles on Bangalore

So hope you are all excited about your trip to Bangalore now? And dear Bangaloreans, hope you are excited about the next weekend trip.  Please subscribe to our blog updates for more such authentic travel stories.

The only list of one day trips from Bangalore which skips the over-visited Nandi Hills and Wonderla, Read this list to know about Top One Day Trips from Bangalore. From places near Bangalore within 50 km distance to places beyond 200 km, it includes the best of all day trips we have done and more, Forts, Ruins, Temples, Churches, Waterfalls, Hills, Forests and long drives. It has something for everyone. #Bangalore #Travel


Disclaimer: All pictures are mine unless otherwise mentioned. The photos have been published with little or no edits so as to give you an honest impression of the place. Reproduction of any image on this site without our permission is illegal.

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    Oh wow! I didn’t realize how much nature there is so close to the city!

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    What a great list of places to visit from Bangalore. I really like to drowning church – that’s amazing how it floods and then is back to dry. And there are so many waterfalls! It’s a shame that some tourists have forced the closing of some of the close observation decks. The waterfalls are probably less muddy when it isn’t rainy season.

  15. Yukti November 28, 2018

    Thanks for sharing wonderful day trips from Bangalore. I would love to see 400 year old nearby Manchinbele Dam and the whole place looks beautiful. Good to know that famous Sholay was shot in Ramnagaram as I always thought it was shot in M.P.. All places look wonderful and worth visiting.

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    I didn’t know that South India had such beautiful mountainesque landscapes the first time I visited. I went to Mysore and Gandikota and was absolutely awed. However, now I see that there are a few more places that I missed. Hopefully, I can make up for it during my next visit. Thank you for this amazing list, Sinjana!

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    Wow. Never knew there was so juicy to see around Bangalore. I have visited the city several times and always try and get away from the concrete jungle Done Mysore and other places. Would live to visit the waterfalls at chinchi and the Lepsshki. Thanks for sharing these offbeat places a short drive away.

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    Wow being the 4th largest tech hub, it’s pretty incredible how much nature there is here in Bangalore. I would love to visit the 400-year old Banyan Tree at Dodda Alada Mara. And wow the Belum Caves being millions years old sounds incredible – it’s incredible that it’s one of the longest that’s open to the public. I totally would love to visit this amazing work of nature.

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    Chunchi Falls looks beautiful. And, the 400 year old Banyan Tree. As others have noted, I didn’t think of Bangalore for nature. And, I love caves so Belum is interesting.

  34. Jane Dempster-Smith January 15, 2019

    This is a great post full of information. I could certainly base myself in Bangalore and visit some of the places your mentioned – especially the Forts which I love visiting and temples. I loved the way you broke it down with how far and how long. Really helps in the planning.

  35. Shreya Saha January 15, 2019

    Avalabetta and Gudibande Fort and Belum Caves are my favorites. I have stayed in Bengaluru for like 8 years and been to many of these places, though at many instances, I have spent more than 1 day there. However, this is totally apt for the people who work in Bengaluru offices. They will have great options to visit so many new places over the weekends. I am sure this list is going to be really helpful to them.

  36. Rachelle January 15, 2019

    Dude, there are so many fun day trips to take near Bangalore! And the variety of different attractions is staggering. I would love to visit Shivanasamudra. I can’t believe those falls! I haven’t been here before and would love to discover all of these places!

  37. Lauren Johnson January 15, 2019

    You have been on so many amazing day trips in your new(ish) home – it’s inspiring me to explore my state of New York and all of the nature around it even more 🙂 Your pictures are also AMAZING, especially of the waterfalls. It sort of reminded me a bit of my trip to Iceland! Having never been to India before I think I mainly associated it with more urban areas, but these hikes (and particularly the “Grand Canyon”) were so beautiful to see!

    1. Sinjana Ghosh January 15, 2019

      Thanks Lauren. There are just innumerable places to get close to nature near Bangalore. India is full of surprises 🙂

  38. Naomi Kirby January 15, 2019

    Mandagiri looks like my favourite of these. Then again Mysore Palace looks pretty damn cool too. In fact, I want to do them all!

  39. Per January 15, 2019

    I love lists like this one. There are so many things to do even on a day trip close to almost every city. I have never been to Bangalore, but when I go, this list will be my go-to-guide for my day trips.

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    This is such a thorough and helpful guide for any one visiting India. I never knew there are so many beautiful places near to Bangalore. This itinerary will be very useful to me when I visit India. Thank you for such a great post.

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